Ever, since my cancer in 1998, I have been interested in the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection. However it is only as recent as September 2019, that I became truly aware of the Power of the Subconscious.


Today, I devote my life to help others, especially women to develop awareness on how subconscious programs and patterns can sabotaging them from their dreams and goals in their life.  

This series of jewelry is done with the main purpose of developing awareness of how important it is to have useful thoughts throughout the day, 24/7.


It is my hope that when you wear this jewelry, it will remind you to be conscious of your thoughts and to remind you to stay grateful. 

Always with Love and Peace, 

Lian Henriksen, The Silver Crone from Denmark 


- SRT Mind & Energy Coach 2019, 

-Reiki and Schiem Master Teacher of the Dr.Mikao Usui lineage 2018. 

-Law of Attraction Coach from QSCA, USA 2013.  

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