"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." - Aristotle

Single Savvy Mom

A Superlover

of All Life

I work with young single professional

moms on "THE GAME OF LIFE and


Happiness and Bliss is a skill, a choice and thereby true power. True Power is the ability to go for what you truly desire. I believe that each and every female can live a life of her full potential, and the best version of herself, if she so chooses.

“If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, everyone in our family, our entire society,

will benefit from our peace.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh, Poet, Zen Master, Peace Activist 

I envision conscious women, living out what they



you will find INNER PEACE and

your surroundings will flourish

The Silver Crone 

I call myself

from Denmark

You have what it takes to raise successful and happy children, have financial stability, and feel loved and supported. Don't always believe what your eyes are telling you. Often all they see are limitations. Look deep within, know yourself well and you will re-connect with what you already know and when you do, you will see a way to fly.


Remember, life will always be filled with challenges, but the important thing is not to be in these black holes for too long.


You don't really need to struggle on your own. Use me as a mirror or a catalyst. I want to be your brainstorming buddy, your accountability partner.  I care deeply about you, especially those of you who are "suffering" in the same way I did when I was your age. This desire to help is a kind of calling in me. 

My Specializations

I believe to be happy is a skill, and it is a choice. You need to choose to practice to be happy.


I will introduce to you methods to identify and shift your energy to a better feeling place. 


You will become aware and accountable for your feelings, behavior and desires and most importantly you will learn how to respond instead of reacting to and focusing on the things that you do not want.


Once you recognize that you have the power to feel good you will choose to feel good, be creative, purposeful, loving and grateful.


 I focus on helping you manifest an intimate partner or wealth. And I believe the first step is knowing yourself and then master yourself.


Becoming a Superlover of All of Life

8 x 30-45 minute session

Me, Money and My Fantastic Future Finances

5 x 30-45 minute session

Solve Current Challenge - Clearing with SRT Subconscious Release Technique

3 x 30-45 minute sessions

FREE Energy Detox

30-minute session

Energy clearing technology that instantly clears mental and emotional blocks from your subconscious mind and energy field.

I specialise in releasing emotional blocks and programs, blocking you from financial freedom and a life of prosperity and opulence.


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What A Client Says

Lian is an amazing wisdom coach, who is like mother nature herself, guiding you from a place of resonant calm that puts you at ease and allows you to delve deep into your programming, and then through Lians articulate questioning and on point intuition she will help you release programming that has been holding you back and give you a newfound sense of freedom and space to create the reality you deserve and desire. In my first session, Lian very quickly created trust and a safe container for me to delve deep into my programming and heal some deep wounds that had been sabotagiong many areas of my life in the first half hour! I highly recommend Lian if you are stuck or looking to fast track your goals in any area of your life. An investment that will pay you for life!

Shelly Best, Brisbane, Australia. Self-employed

"All powers is given man (through right thinking) to bring her heaven upon her earth and this is the goal of the game of life ..."


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