Why do this DNA Clearing?



Personally, my belief:  to get there, your relationship with money needs to be clean and clear and not encumbered.


Why is money such a difficult and uncomfortable subject to talk about?


This is the introduction of the book “The Energy of Money – Maria Nemeth, Ph.D”

“We love money and  we hate it. We can't live with it, and we cant live without it. Money can be a source of great joy and creativity, or it can bring frustration and misery, depending our relationship with it. And we bring all these doubts and fears, hopes and expectations with us every time we deal with money – not just when we visit a financial planner or a loan officer, but in every area of our lives.


Money touches almost every aspect of living: work, leisure time, creative activities, home, family, and spiritual pursuits. Everything we do and dream of is affected by our relationship with this powerful form of energy. Whether your dream is to travel around the world, pay for a house, establish a food bank, buy a Corvette, get out from a mountain of debt, or take a year off to write a novel, that vision is intertwined with the possibilities and pitfalls bound up in the energy of money.


This very discomfort is what makes our relationship with money such fertile ground. Whatever is potent for us, whatever elicits strong emotions, whatever seems to “hold on to us” in life has the power to bring forth our greatest strength and most remarkable qualities.


Our relationship with money calls on us to wake up, to see how we are handling all kinds of energy – not only money, but time, physical vitality, enjoyment, creativity, and the support of friends – and to use those lessons to enrich every aspect of our lives.”

The objective of this course is:


To develop and strengthen your relationship with the complexity of self, with the many aspects of self, the many component of self, the many voices of self, so that it becomes a beautiful partnership. When you have complete unconditional, full and complete acceptance of self, conscious of your distortions but also remembering well your innate perfection, that you are pure light - pure consciousness in the core, you are then only then be able to access your heart.




This silence, stillness and spaciousness within yourself, where you can access ideas and information, with greater clarity for decision making  (and taking action)  is indeed magical. Here you have total freedom to co-create the life of your dreams.


As you go through the book, it is a 7-day Spirit-Mind-Body Alignment Training Program, I will be there to support you, not only to be there as a mirror but also to clear any subconscious blocks and programs that surface and that you meet during the 7 days,  by using  the powerful  SRT Technique - Subconscious Relief Technique.

SRT helps women to clear their own subconscious blocks, quickly and effectively. I help with alleviating their 'blind spots' and find out 'why they are still not going towards what they desire'.


"ALL POWERS IS GIVEN MAN (through right thinking) to bring her heaven upon her earth. THIS IS THE GOAL of the “GAME OF LIFE”... Florence Scovel Shinn


Yes, yet why are most people are not living Heaven upon Earth? 

Lack of Self-love, I maintain. We are just too violent and cruel to ourselves. 


Are you there and would you like to get out of this state?

Do you feel like this?

-Poor little me

Or this, struggling hard, getting nowhere?

Or this, so much pressure within, about to explode?

I use a variety of life enhancing techniques including SRT, the Subconscious Release Technique,

I will help you release limitations and blocks to loving yourself.


You are going to shift when you work with me.

I bring CHANGE.

You will shift from your current situation to one that is more desirable.

1 session and you will feel:


❂  Calmer

❂  Less stressed and Pressured

❂  Lighter

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