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I was first introduced to SRT – Subconscious Release Technique when I was being challenged by all the different software programs that I needed to learn and navigate in order to succeed in my group coaching business. A little exaggerated maybe, but each time I sat down to learn the programs my fight-flight-freeze syndrome was activated. My learning was so slow.

A friend who is an SRT Mind and Energy Expert offered to help me identify what was blocking me from learning the technical skills of being a business owner.

She did, and today, 9 months later I am buzzing through tech tools like a rocket scientist. I can now do video editing and filming, hold online meetings, create eBooks and online courses because I committed to SRT.

Since learning SRT clearing and releasing techniques, I have been experiencing:

(1) More joy and optimism from reaching a higher vibration, and more trust simply by being more relaxed in my body.

(2) A sense of confidence that frees me from taking other people’s words and remarks so personally, while accepting people for who they are, and

(3) It has finally energetically cleared the path to true freedom when I ended my “sick need” of validation from men and how I couldn’t say “No” to their pleas for financial help.

Having enjoyed what SRT could do for me, I jumped at the opportunity to be a certified SRT Mind and Energy Coach myself. I was certified in September 2019.

For the last 6 years, I have been helping young professional women how to learn self-love and self-mastery through inner child work and guided alpha-mind meditations. Coming from a background teaching the Law of Attraction and performing as a Reiki Master Teacher, I have been able to incorporate these elements with SRT and create major impacts in my clients' lives.

What I am teaching is what I do – remove self-created limitations to be the best version of being a human being. And I am passionate about SRT because it simple, easy to learn and effects immediate. It is a wonderful skill to have in your tool box.

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