Remaining Calm & Corona Virus

I am going to take you through an exercise to help you move from fear to empowerment and harmony in this time of the corona Virus

Yes, let us move from fear to harmony and neutrality.

Yes, let us not to internalize fear?

Yes, let us work on how to neutralize judgement of yourself and others.

There is a definite energy move from fear-based consciousness to heart-based consciousness. This movement started just around when Jesus Christ was born, and it intensified at the beginning of 2020, 12th January, to be exact when there was the Saturn-Plato Conjunction.

Those who know me, you have heard me use the word WOUNDING for all the pain and fear we have within, especially the unconscious wounding from our childhood.

Let use Corona Virus, as the scapegoat of the day. Sorry Corona Virus, calling you that because you certainly gives us the time to look at our own wounding and pain body.

Ask yourself:

What am I getting into a frenzy over? Am I afraid t get sick? Am I afraid to die? Am I afraid of being alone? Am I afraid to go broke? Am I afraid not to be able to see my family? Afraid to be avoided in the streets as if I was a leper? To be scared of criticism of others when I shop? When I go for a walk for fresh air, why do I feel so guilty and full of shame? Am I just Confused? I feel so helpless? Am I angry at God? Am I Judging a mother who has her babies with her while she shops in the supermarket for food? Do I feel I have no control over anything what so ever? What am I afraid of?

Our thoughts are many questions. And our thoughts go into a vicious circle. And we feel strangulated. We have triggered your Fight-Flight-Syndrome

We have difficulty in breathing. And our breathing becomes very shallow. In my case, I began to cough more than I usually do. However, some days ago, my reiki master reminded me of of the Reiki Motor-Zanon symbol, called the virus symbol. She wrote in her What's App- Use it. I did, and I had a break-through.

What I am doing is untraditional as a reiki master teacher, but I am going to do it anyway.

Let us start the exercise. Please look at the image of the symbol.

Use your mind and draw the symbol before you, stroke 1, then stroke 2 and then stroke 3 the wiggly – the virus catcher. Draw this symbol 3 times

Ready? Let us start with taking a deep breath in, and blow out, 3 times.

Take a deep breath in and blow it out

Take another deep breath in and blow out

Once more, take a deep breath in and blow out

Now, when you breathe in, bring the symbol in and say silently to yourself MOTOR


Now Blow out slow, bringing the symbol out and your say silently to yourself ZANON

We will continue for the next 3 minutes. And I will be guiding. Okay? Good.

Just continue, please

Motor In

Zanon Out

Motor In

Zanon Out

Motor In

Zanon Out

Next, let us do some clearing on fear using the SRT Umbrella Statement. SRT, is a breathing tool that helps us into neutrality so that our cortisol hormone doesn't work overtime.

For this exercise, follow my voice.

'I release all positive and negative emotional block with our fear caused by the sound of the words Corona Virus' x 3

Social distancing

What is going to happen in the future

When am I going to catch it?

Will I be alright?

Did she avoid me at the supermarket?

Could she have left her children home?

My children are tiring me

How can I keep my children from crying and fighting with each other

When will my money run out

I feel so lonely

I don't trust anyone

Now for the 3rd part of this exercise.

Now I would like you to think of the person who is challenging you the most right now since the lockdown…… and let us do a general clearing on this person and then our inner aggression to self and our passive-aggressiveness to others.


I am happy, grateful, that I am fundamental alright

I am so glad, grateful that I am safe

I am so glad, grateful that I have everything I need

I am happy, thankful that I am loved and supported by my family

I am glad, thankful the Divine within me will always work for my higher good.

I am happy, thankful that my angels will always come forward when I ask them to.

I am happy, thankful that my angels will always guide me when I ask for guidance.

I am happy, grateful that I allow myself to receive what is divinely me

I am happy, grateful and thankful, that I am an amazing and capable woman.

Let us end now end with the reiki symbol Motor Zanon

Breath In and say silently to yourself Motor

Breath Out Zanon

Go now and create the best day ever since the lockdown.

Thank you

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