SRT – Subconscious Release Technique SRT is designed to make immediate shifts and works on all levels, mental (Conscious and subconscious) emotional, spiritual and physical. It clears the mental and physical clutter out of your life. And will help you live your life in alignment with your values. In SRT, kinesiology is used to test what is weakening the body, meaning – we always muscle test to identify whether a program is causing imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical and emotional energy.

Especially when you are a child, your subconscious mind is wide open and extremely sensitive to what you see, hear and feel from your surrounding environment. Unfortunately, over 90% of us grew up in environment that left us with subconscious scars that even today sabotage and poison our happiness and relationships.

I am trained to assist you to identify and move past hidden programs that are running in your mind that comes between you and the you, you desire to be. This work will allow you to see more clearly what beliefs are getting in your way. Often these traits are camouflaged as fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feeling and anger. This makes you feel that you are driving with the emergency brakes on – expecting to go forward at full speed only to experience a pace much slower than you know you were capable.

SRT will allow you to see faulty programs – see that they are not of value and most importantly quickly and efficiently move past them. You will become far more aware of your feelings and the impact they ultimately have on your success. This confidence in yourself will lead to amazing results reflected in your business, relationship and life in general.

When we clear a program, we are basically neutralizing it. So currently it may be running different negative emotions that reduce our vibrational frequency. However when we “clear” them, they no longer release the negative emotion therefore we can hear the phrase and it has no impact. Does that make sense. So in short, the words, the phrase, the name, the incident, the memory, will no longer ruffle our feathers when we hear it or think of it

You will experience more joy and optimism, and more trust simply by being more relaxed in your body. Why wait? And delay great things from coming into your life

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