About Me

I am 74, a Chinese Dane and have been living in Denmark for 37 years.

I call myself The Silver Crone from Denmark, I help women to cut through the BS of their excuses so that they have the clarity to attract LOVE & MONEY. 

I have worked through over the last 12 years so much of my own BS . I see myself as a woman who has been so challenged by what life has brought me and survived well. I am exactly where I want to be. 


I want to share my processes with you in a structured, guaranteed-to-work way, so that you can remove the blocks and patterns you have that stops you from manifesting what your desire. My recent certification as a SRT Mind and Energy Coach is a kind of cherry on the cake.

Education and Certifications

Bachelor in Business Administration and Taxation, from the South West London College.


From 1988 to 2003 ran my own business Kiki Design AS, a designer and manufacturer of garden pots from Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand,


September 2019 - SRT Mind and Energy Coach from SRT Global, USA

Certified healer from Charlotte Pedersen, Allerød, Denmark, qualified in 1998

Completed The Hoffman Institute, Intensive Quandrinity Process in August 1999

Attended a community building course with Dr. Scott Peck in London in 1998

Completed a Intensive Individualised 3 months Acupressure Course from the Vietnamese Traditional Medicine Hospital in March 2003

Studied Buddhism with Tim Larcombe, of the Kadampa Tradition in 2010/2011

Dr. Jean Houston – Awakening to Your Life Purpose and Living Your Destiny in 2011

Feminine Power and Feminine Power Mastery with Clair Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas in late 2011

Ayurveda Yoga Massage Intensive with Sidhamo Micheal Johnson at Bangkok in 2011

Law of Attraction with Christie Whitman, QSCA, qualified in March 2013 & another refresher with Dr.Joe Vitalis in 2014

Reiki & Seichem with Ms. Mohanie Anangama  12th Febuary 2016

Lucrative Luminary Training Solutions with Callun Rush in May 2016 – June 2017


Mega Speaker – JTFoxx Nov. 2016

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My Philosophy

I deeply believe that if a woman in today’s modern 21st Century world, does not have a reality she so desires, she is held back by beliefs and assumptions that she holds deep within herself.  I want to help you identify these blocks and replace them with new empowering beliefs through imagery using the Alpha mind and the InnerChild. And recently, in September, I mastered the SRT - Subconscious Release Technique. Through this, I identify my/your blocks and limiting programs remove them and replace these limiting beliefs with what we, practitioners of SRT call "fillers"

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Lian Henriksen